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Year: 2019

Life-Changing Benefits of Drug Rehab

In America today, more than 23 million women and men report being dependent on drugs or alcohol. Of these 23 million, only a few choose to take the next phase and invest in a specialized cure. For individuals who feel […]

The Benefits of Stress Management,therapy guide

All of us are familiar with stress — the new fact of lifestyle. With the rapid pace regarding modern living, it seems increasingly difficult to continue. Sadly, the negative outcomes of stress are common and growing. stress therapy response is […]

Reasons to Get Yourself Tested for STDs

Did you know half of most sexually active teenagers in the U.S. will deal a std by enough time they’re 25-and that a lot of won’t even understand it? This April, STD Awareness Month, Planned Parenthood of NEW YORK is […]

Benefits of Psychotherapy

One in five American adults has a mental health condition. Research shows that these mental health conditions can be treated effectively. As scientists have disproven the stigmas surrounding mental health, more folks have acknowledged the worthiness of modern therapy. Insurance […]

A Guide To Finding The Best Personalized Skin

Bespoke skin-care lines have slowly and gradually been seeping their way into all corners of the industry, in large part as a result of internet. Personalization, as it pertains to skincare, has become easy for many niche market or small […]

What are Havening Techniques?

Havening (Also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy- ADT) was made by Dr Ronald Ruden, a physician with a specialism in neuroscience and emotional injury, and a published publisher on stress and addictions. It came about when he observed a colleague […]